What is Reputation Management and how it impacts SEO


The way people discover, evaluate and trust Local Businesses has changed.

4 out of 5 consumers have reversed a purchase decision based on negative online reviews.

Do you want to:

Get found online: With search engines like Google, your business’s reviews can be your primary ranking factor.

Show up FIRST: With ongoing good reviews, your business will often appear at the top of search results.

Get AHEAD of the crowd: When you’re easy to find, you’re easy to choose

STAND OUT from your competition: By collecting hundreds of reviews, you stand out from your competition


Then managing your online review is a MUST!


How valuable is an online review?

What is the first thing you do before purchasing online? Do you immediately click and purchase? Or do you do  alittle reaseach?

Analytics show, consumers turn to online reviews to check on the product before clicking the BUY button.

Online review has been very common these days as different sites began to rise and Facebook have expanded. It has helped in shaping how the business is perceived online by the consumers.


Why online reviews are vital?

 To generate more leads? Increase sales conversions?

Improve profit margins?

Of course! Reviews on various sites let potential customers know that you’re a reliable business which they should choose.

But most importantly, managing your online reviews would EARN YOUR CUSTOMER’S TRUST!

With 90% of customers using online reviews as a purchasing decision, Gain their trust before they even connect. Turning customers into promoters will be as easy as 123.

94% Would choose a business with a 4-star or more excellent rating.

88% Trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

53% Will not choose a business with a 3-star or less rating.

44% Say a review must be written in the last 30 days to be relevant.

How we do it:

  • Customer Experience: Ask and remind customers to share their experience online
  • Request Feedback/Reviews: Drive customers to a destination designed to convert them into reviewers. Input email address manually, link to feedback landing page, send SMS, use the table kiosk mode or the API to automate feedback.
  • Maximize Local SEO: More reviews? The better customer ratings. This harness the power of 3rd party online review sites to improve website’s ranking in the search button.
  • Fully Automated: Testimonials can easily be added to the website thus encouraging positive online reviews on different social media platforms such as google, Facebook and more.
  • Social Sharing: Turn reviews into stunning media content that can be posted on different social media channels.
  • Best Site Reviews: Guide each reviewer through selecting the best review site and completing a review
  • Simple Designs: Provide a clear, distraction-free landing page
  • Client Interaction: Identify unhappy customers and intervene before they can publicly submit a bad review
  • Goal Setting: Set the customers’ expectations and guide them
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