The Rule of 7: Marketing’s Golden Rule

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A lot of people have this fantasy that investing in one stream of marketing is like striking gold. You find that one magical platform, channel, or gimmick, and suddenly the sales start rolling in. Yeah, it’s a nice thought, but it’s never that simple. Marketing is not a one-trick pony. People need reminders before they trust you with their hard-earned money. 

So what is the 7 times 7 rule in marketing? The Rule of 7 is a strategic marketing principle emphasising that a consumer needs to be exposed to a brand’s message at least seven times across seven different channels before they make a purchasing decision. It’s about leveraging various marketing channels, each reinforcing the same core message but in unique ways.

What is the 7 times 7 rule in marketing?

The Rule of 7 is a classic marketing principle that suggests a potential customer needs to hear or see a message at least seven times before they take action to buy a product or service. 

Simply put, consumers need to encounter a message seven times, in seven different ways, to truly internalise it. After all, our brains love patterns. Having multiple exposures to a particular message makes it stick to our memory for much longer.

However, seven different ways mean you’re not just shouting the exact same thing over and over again. You’re engaging, educating, inspiring, all through different channels, mediums, and subtleties.

Back to you

So how do you make this 7 times 7 rule work for you? Think of your marketing as a story told in seven chapters, each chapter a different medium. Here’s how you can make the Rule of 7 work for you in a digital marketing context:

  • Introduction (Touchpoint 1): Users discover your blog post through a search or social media, offering valuable insights related to their interest or problem.
  • Second Meeting (Touchpoint 2): They see an engaging video you’ve shared on social media, reinforcing your expertise.
  • Getting Acquainted (Touchpoint 3): They receive a targeted ad offering a free eBook, showing you understand their needs.
  • Building Trust (Touchpoint 4): They sign up for your newsletter and receive welcome content that resonates with their goals.
  • Deeper Connection (Touchpoint 5): They attend a webinar or workshop you host, offering real solutions to their problems.
  • The Personal Invitation (Touchpoint 6): They get a personalised email with an exclusive discount or offer, feeling valued and understood.
  • The Handshake (Touchpoint 7): They see positive reviews and testimonials on your site or social media, solidifying trust and encouraging the decision to buy.

Each touchpoint is a step in a relationship. And by the time they reach the seventh touchpoint, they don’t just know your brand – they feel connected to it.

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4 touchpoints where the marketing principle applies

Again, the goal isn’t merely to touch your audience seven times. You want to make each of those touches meaningful and memorable. Whether through images, videos, writing, or livestreaming, the Rule of 7 offers a pathway to connect on a deeper, more human level with your customers. By implementing these ideas, you can turn connections into conversions.

1) Images

People remember 80% of what they see, compared to 20% of what they read. 

Images aren’t just decorations. They’re messages, stories, emotions wrapped into a single frame. As a business owner, you need to understand that images communicate in a language that words often can’t.

Now, consider this, within a market flooded with constant visual content, it takes an average of seven times for a visual ad to be seen and registered by a potential customer. The first time it’s seen, the second time it’s recognized, and by the seventh time, it’s embedded in the viewer’s subconscious mind.

For starters, I recommend creating a visual story. Design a series of seven images that tell the story of your brand. Share them across social media platforms to narrate your mission.

2) Video

Starting a video marketing campaign doesn’t mean you need a Hollywood budget. Start small, but start smart. Identify what your customers need to see, what they want to hear, and how they like to feel.

Invest in creating videos that don’t just sell but also educate, entertain, and engage. Some ideas you could play around with are weekly Q&A sessions, a video series, demos, and how-to guides.

3) Writing

Writing is more than stringing words together. It’s about creating a dialogue with your readers. Write to your customers like they’re right there with you. Share stories, not just information. Repeat those messages until they’re not just heard, but felt. 

4) Livestreaming

Livestreaming is the closest you get to sitting down with your customers and having a real conversation. It’s immediate, personal, and engaging. Host weekly interactive webinars. Collaborate with influencers. Show behind-the-scenes tours of your office and daily work dynamics. Let people see the human faces behind your brand.

Sample marketing plan with the rule of 7

At the end of the day, the Rule of 7 is just a marketing theory. You need to put it into practice if you want to see how effective it can be for your brand. For a real-world example, we’ve crafted a marketing plan for a new organic skincare line called “Nature’s Glow.”

Now keep in mind that we’re bombarded with skincare products every day. We want to show that “Nature’s Glow” is different. It’s organic; it’s real; it’s for the person who cares not just about their skin but the environment. 

We’re not throwing darts in the dark. We’re choosing seven platforms that make sense. For “Nature’s Glow,” think Instagram for visual appeal, YouTube for tutorials, a blog for in-depth knowledge, Facebook for community, email for personal touch, in-store events for real connection, and partnerships with eco-friendly influencers.

  • Instagram

Imagery: High-resolution photos showcasing products and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Frequency: Three posts a week, consistent theme.

Engagement: Respond to every comment within 24 hours.

  • YouTube

Content: Weekly video tutorials on how to use products.

Collaborations: Monthly partnerships with eco-friendly YouTubers.

  • Blog

Information: Bi-weekly in-depth articles on ingredients, benefits, and skincare routines.

Guest Posts: Invite industry experts to contribute.

  • Facebook

Community Building: Regular updates, polls, user testimonials.

Ads: Targeted advertising focusing on eco-conscious demographics.

  • Email Marketing

Personal Touch: Weekly newsletters with exclusive tips, offers, and personalized content.

Segmentation: Tailor content to different customer segments (new, loyal, dormant).

  • In-Store Events

Experience: Monthly workshops on skincare, exclusive in-store discounts.

Local Influencers: Collaboration with local personalities.

  • Partnerships

Alignment: Co-marketing with brands that share the organic and ethical ethos.

Product Bundling: Create exclusive packages with partnering brands.

To evaluate our efforts, we’ll need to constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of each touchpoint through metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, customer satisfaction scores, etc. 

The Rule of 7 isn’t an arbitrary formula but, rather, a human-oriented approach, built around seven thoughtful, intentional touches that resonate with the core values of the brand. By following this plan, “Nature’s Glow” can not only establish itself in the market but also forge meaningful relationships with its audience, reflecting the authenticity and care that define its essence.

Marketing, when done right, is like saying, “Hey, I get you,” and proving it seven times, in seven ways.

Let’s make your brand the talk of the town

So you’ve got a great product, a fabulous service, but it’s not getting the attention it deserves. You know why? Because great doesn’t sell itself. Great needs a spotlight, a stage, a voice that reverberates sevenfold. Seven might seem like a big number, but in the world of digital marketing, it’s the golden rule.

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