Threads: The Next Big Thing in Marketing?

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Digital marketing always has this “next big thing” moment. One minute, everyone’s raving about a new algorithm update – the next, it’s some groundbreaking app promising to make your brand the next big thing. Then comes something like Instagram Threads, pulling you in (or perhaps, pulling you away from all the Twitter/X drama), and seems like it’s worth your time.

So how will Threads change marketing? Threads provides a new platform for text-based conversations that can foster a more intimate and engaged community. Unlike other social media platforms, it focuses on micro-connections and allows brands to get personal with their audience. With a limit of 500 characters per thread and the ability to add multimedia content up to five minutes long, Threads can lead to more targeted and nuanced marketing.

How will Threads change marketing?

Launch date: July 5, 2023

Mission: Provide a space for lively text-based conversations

Result: A Twitter-like experience that feels fresh yet familiar.

Picture Meta, the tech giant that brought us Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and imagine them taking a good look at Twitter and thinking, “Hey, we can add our twist to that.” That’s where Threads comes in – a creation from the talented minds at Instagram, designed to be your new go-to place for sharing thoughts and jumping into lively public discussions.

Sounds a bit like Twitter, doesn’t it? Exactly. Meta seems to have seen an opportunity to craft a microblogging platform that steers clear of some of Twitter’s (now known as “X”) recent hiccups. 

If “Threads” is ringing a faint bell, your memory’s not playing tricks on you. Instagram did introduce something named Threads back in 2019, painted as a “camera-first messaging app” for your BFFs. But fast-forward to 2023, and that’s ancient history. This new Threads is a complete reinvention – and it seems like it’s here to stay.

Instagram Threads is not just another app; it’s a whole new way to speak, share, and interact. Imagine having the freedom to type out your thoughts in 500 characters – not a measly 280 like on Twitter (unless you’re flaunting that Twitter Blue badge). That’s more space to be you, express yourself, and say what you really mean.

But Threads doesn’t stop there. Want to share that stunning sunset photo from your weekend getaway or a hilarious video of your cat’s latest antics? Go ahead. With Threads, you can post pictures and videos up to five whole minutes long – and even sprinkle in web links. It’s like your favourite pieces of all the social platforms you love, wrapped up in one neat package. 

What makes Threads unique is the intimacy it fosters. In an increasingly crowded digital landscape, businesses that can forge real, authentic connections stand out.

By sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, special offers, and heartfelt thank you-s, Threads allow you to create a tight-knit community. This community feels special, valued, and connected, translating into increased loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

Instagram Threads isn’t just Twitter/X on steroids. It’s a reflection of the evolving landscape of consumer-brand relationships. It signifies a shift from mass marketing to personalised connection. 

Bottom line: In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, Instagram Threads isn’t just the next big thing; it’s the now big thing, shaping the way businesses connect, engage, and succeed.

4 ways to leverage the potential of Instagram Threads

1) Get personal

In an era marked by fleeting attention spans and information overload, personal connection is the currency of engagement. Instagram Threads opens a window of opportunity for brands to leverage just that. 

Personalising your approach isn’t just about mentioning a follower’s name. It’s about curated content, sneak peeks, and engaging directly in meaningful ways. It’s essentially transforming your brand from a faceless entity into a friend, a confidante. This proximity lets you break away from the routine and craft specialised messages that aren’t generic posts but, rather, intimate conversations.


Let’s say you own a small coffee shop in the city. It’s not just any coffee shop, it’s THE coffee shop. The one with the quirky artwork and the barista who actually remembers your name and how you like your latte.

For starters, you could take a picture of the empty chair at the cosy corner of your shop, and post it on Instagram Threads. You caption it, “Who would you like to share a coffee with here? Tag them, and let’s make some connections over a cup.”

Suddenly, it’s not about selling coffee anymore. It’s about friendships, memories, and those little human connections that make life worth sipping slowly.

People start tagging their friends, sharing stories about their first date, that awkward job interview, or just a great conversation that happened right in that very chair. Your thread has become a living room where stories and laughs are shared.

And what happens next? People want to create their own stories in that chair, in your shop. So they come in, not just for the coffee but for the connection. Your little Instagram thread has become a bridge between the virtual world and the real one. 

It’s that simple, yet that profound.

Just like a good cup of coffee.

2) Write more compared to Twitter/X

One of the standout features of Threads is the generous 500-character limit. This is almost double what Twitter offers, creating a space for more in-depth communication. Keep in mind that every character counts.

For businesses, this means no more cutting down on important information. Use the space to provide value, educate your followers, and drive more detailed conversations around your brand. Don’t forget to post some scroll-stopping videos while you’re at it.

3) Build communities and connect with influencers

With Instagram Threads, it’s not just a post and ghost. It’s a continuing dialogue where ideas are exchanged, friendships are forged, and bonds are strengthened. It’s where your brand becomes the host of a never-ending conversation that people want to join.

For example, you could start a dialogue about something specific to your brand. Maybe its sustainable living or perhaps it’s vintage cars. Forget the robotic “Thanks for sharing!” comments. With Threads, you can ask substantial questions and share meaningful insights with your community.

You could also look for influencers who resonate with your messaging. They have the followers, the voice, and the clout that can turn your product into a must-have item overnight. Are you all about healthy living? Find a fitness guru. Do you sell art supplies? Connect with a well-known artist. Make sure you’re compatible.

Don’t just throw your product at them and hope for a mention. Engage with their content. Start conversations in their posts. Show genuine interest. Ance you’ve built a connection, propose a collaboration (e.g., live session, sponsored post, giveaway, special project).

4) Start paid social campaigns

With Threads, you can tap into a dynamic ad space that goes beyond traditional banners. Threads’ algorithms and user insights offer a unique advantage. 

If you’re a small business owner who wants to venture into Instagram marketing, you’ll need to pack more than just some cool filters and catchy captions. You’ll need a lot of intention. Know what your audience loves then experiment with the following ad ideas:

  • Product launch campaign
  • Seasonal promotion campaign
  • Influencer collaboration
  • Customer testimonials
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Event or webinar promotion
  • Content engagement campaign
  • Limited time offer

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Be an early adopter

Jumping on the bandwagon once everyone’s on it is easy. Being an early adopter, that’s where the real magic happens. It’s like catching a wave just as it starts to swell – the thrill, the momentum, it’s all yours. It’s about recognising something real when you see it and the wisdom to know the difference between a fad and the future. 

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the shiny new toys in marketing, that’s alright – we got you. At Manifest Website Design, we specialise in cutting through the noise and finding the real gems in the digital world. From the newest marketing tools to the latest SEO tactics, we stay ahead of the curve so you don’t have to. Learn about which digital marketing fads your brand should leave behind today.



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