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Are you constantly on the move, trying to balance work with answering your phone? It’s a common struggle, but here’s a shocking fact: 50% of phone calls to businesses go unanswered. If you miss these calls, your potential customers will move on to your competitors.

But imagine this: What if you never had to miss a call from a potential client again, even during your busiest workdays? It might sound too good to be true, but with Phone Central, it’s a reality.

Win 3-5 more jobs every week without spending more time on your phone 📱

Why Phone Central?

  • Be the First Responder: We understand that you can’t always answer your phone while on the job. That’s why Phone Central ensures you never miss an opportunity. When you can’t answer, our system sends a personalized text to your caller, letting them know you’ll be in touch soon. Be the first to respond and secure the job!
  • Manage All Communications in One Place: Phone Central doesn’t stop at calls. We integrate 2-way text and email conversations, Google My Business messaging, web chat, and Facebook Messenger into our platform. No matter how your customers prefer to communicate, you’ll be there to assist them.
  • Build Strong Client Relationships: Responding instantly to your clients makes them feel valued. Phone Central helps you do just that. It’s more than customer service; it’s about building lasting relationships.
  • Unlock Missed Opportunities: Over half of the calls businesses receive go unanswered. The first responder has a 50% better chance of getting the job. Don’t wait; make the most of every call, text, email, and review. Your business’s potential is limitless.


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We have Customers are picking up an extra 30 jobs a month!!! 

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* text messages cost $ 0.0119 / segment. 1 segment is approximately 160 characters.  $10 credit buys you 840 segments

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Don’t let missed calls turn into missed opportunities. Take control of your business communications with Phone Central.

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