Is your website helping

your business

Is Your Website Helping Your Business?


Score Card Quiz

Use our quiz to assess how your website is doing. In less than 3 minutes, this quiz will give you some idea if things are going great, need a few tweaks, or it’s time for a major update.

Website Happiness Meter

Are you happy with your existing website?*
Website age: when was your last redesign/redo? (Or created if never redone.)*
Does your website look as modern as your competitors?*


Do you feel your website helps support you marketing with audience sales or leads?*
Do you have an email newsletter? If so, do you have a form on your website to capture names and email addresses for the newsletter?*
Do you find there are things you wished your website does that your competitors have?*

Getting Eyeballs

How much traffic does website receive monthly? (It’s okay if you don’t know.)*
Does your website have articles answering questions your audience or clients most frequently have?*

How do you feel about your answers?

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