Manifest Smart AI Assistant

Revolutionise Your Business Communications

Welcome to the Future of Business Communication

Seamless Integration Across All Your Accounts

Running a business means dealing with loads of messages every day. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could handle all your chats – Facebook, Instagram, texts, Google Chat and webchat – in one spot? That’s exactly what our Smart AI Assistant does.

No more app-hopping. Just all your conversations, simplified in one dashboard.

Tailored Responses That Sound Just Like You

What sets our Smart AI Assistant apart is its ability to understand your business intricately. Your AI assistant learns how you speak to ensure it sounds just like someone from your team.

Whether you’re dealing with customer inquiries, support requests, or general information, the Smart AI Assistant crafts responses that reflect your brand’s voice and values, ensuring a personalised experience for your customers every time.

More Than Just a Chatbot: Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

Imagine a virtual assistant that not only handles your communications but also takes appointments and books people into your calendar effortlessly. The Smart AI Assistant is designed to do just that. No more back-and-forth over emails or missed calls.

Our AI streamlines the process, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters — running and growing your business.

Why Choose the Smart AI Assistant?

  • Efficiency: Save hours every week by bringing all your business communications together on one platform.
  • Personalization: Enhance customer satisfaction with responses tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Automation: Automate the mundane but necessary task of scheduling – whether it’s meetings, calls, or appointments.

Are You Ready to Automate and Save Time?

The Smart AI Assistant is your ultimate solution for seamless communication and scheduling. Transform the way you manage your business interactions and keep your customers happy.

Get Started Today!

Ready to improve your business communication systems? Contact us to learn more about how the Smart AI Assistant can be tailored to your unique business needs. Embrace the future of automation and watch your productivity soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Just send us with a list of your mostly common FAQ’s, a link to your website and any PDF’s or documents that provide information about your business

How does the AI learn about my business?

On setup, you’ll provide us with details about your business, including common customer inquiries and your brand’s tone. The AI then uses this information to craft responses that are tailored to your business/brand. In the dashboard you can give responses a thumbs up or thumbs down to prove the AI with feedback.

Is it easy to set up the Smart AI Assistant?

Yes, the setup process is straightforward. Our team provides comprehensive support to get you up and running quickly.


What if I need to make adjustments to the AI’s responses?

You have full control over the AI’s settings and can make adjustments and add more questions and answers anytime through the user-friendly dashboard.

Can the AI schedule appointments for me?

Yes, the Smart AI Assistant can take appointments and automatically book them into a calendar, making scheduling effortless.

Can I take over the conversations?

Yes, you can easily reply from a central dashboard.

Is this like Phone Central?

Yes! It is the same framework as Phone Central with the AI component added

Jill and her team were fabulous to work with. Their dedication to their craft is so obvious and their calm and patient support just brilliant.

Soo Woods

Highlands Centre for Healing

It is always a delight to work with someone that is responsive, efficient and solution-driven and this has been our experience when working with Jill over the past few years

Renee Wallace


It was a pleasure to work with Manifest. We found the entire process to be easy and efficient and on budget for what we wanted.
We will continue to use Manifest for our growing business and would gladly recommend this company to others.

Ben Gowing

Owner, Hunter and Gatherer Collections

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