Why Email Reactivation Campaigns Are So Effective

Growing our mailing list takes up so much time – we create irresistible lead magnets, repurpose our content, encourage signs ups on different platforms.

But while you’re spending so much marketing efforts on trying to pull in new customers, what about the radio-silent subscribers on your list? They signed up for a reason. They were clearly interested in you at some point, but now they don’t engage with you. A strategically timed and target reactivation email series could win them back.

A reactivation campaign is a series of emails sent to passive subscribers that could hopefully regain their interest. The main goal is to get them to open your emails again and interact with your call-to-action.

Fun Fact

Email Marketing generates $42 for everey $1 spent!
That is 4,200% ROI

Reasons to Implement a Win-Back Campaign

1. Wake Up the Dead

Whether you admit it to yourself or not, a lot of your subscribers are probably asleep and ignoring your messages for some reason. It’s okay, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. All you need to do is nudge them with an email that lands in their personal inboxes. This way, you have a direct-to-eyeballs route compared to other messaging channels. Remember: Your competitor is just one click away.

Keep in mind that with every reenagement effort, you should be adding value for your customer. Don’t trick or manipulate them into staying on your list. Should they choose to leave, take it as a learning experience and an opportunity to figure out growth hacking strategies that could win them back.

2. Manage Your Finances

It’s easier – and much cheaper – to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. So why are you still investing so much money and creative efforts into lead generation campaigns? While growth and rising revenues are every business’ North Star, you also want to make sure that your existing customers are still having a positive experience.

Clients who are already familiar with your product and services require less persuasion. If you’ve already gained their trust from the get-go, there’s a higher possibility that they would want to work with you again.

3. Cleaning-House Method

Reactivation campaigns are not a one-off project. Aim to run win-back projects every once in a while so that you can remove the customers that have no signs of interaction for a long period of time. At the end of the day, it’s your conversation rates that matter – regardless of the action, may it be clicking on your site, liking your page, or ordering a product.

If it’s not meant to be, it’s okay to move on and let go. Sometimes your business does not fit in with your prospect’s needs or current lifestyle. Sending emails to contacts that have shown no signs of life is just contributing to the dead weight to your subscriber list.

There’s no need overstay their welcome.

Email Reactivation Sequence

If a customer hasn’t engaged with your emails in three months, it might be time to win them back. Try the following email sequence for your next reactivation campaign:

    • Say “hello”: Remind them that you exist. Show the awesome benefits of your product or service. 
    • Provide incentive: Just because you said “hello”, doesn’t mean they’ll come back. Offer discount codes, free shipping, bonus gifts, reward points, personalization, and the like!
    • Ask for feedback: People like giving their opinions. The feedback tells you how to improve your customer service and how to improve your ecommerce experience.
    • Cleanup email: This is your last-ditch effort to convince your passive customer to engage with you. In the email, tell your subscriber that if they don’t click the CTA to remain on your list, you’ll remove them in 30 days. Remind them of what they’re going to lose. 
    • Unsubscribe: Time to call it a day. Update your contact that they have been unsubscribed but can always come back. 

We recommend waiting at least a month before proceeding to the next step of your email reactivation sequence. Also, use a low friction call-to-action so it doesn’t seem like you’re begging for their attention.

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Your inactive emails list is a goldmine of opportunity. With a reactivation campaign, you’ll remind your customers about the value you bring to the table and that you care about their satisfaction.

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