Website Developement

Wetheral House

Picture this — an elegant country retreat tucked away in the Southern Highlands, with oozing charm, and steeped in Moss Vale’s rich history. It’s the sort of place where you’d kick back on a weekend getaway, conduct a stylish corporate retreat, or even stage a high-end photo shoot.

Luxury? Check.

Versatility? Check.

A website that did it justice? Uh, not quite.

Project Brief

Wetheral House wanted to capture the spirit of their landscape. They needed something like a digital storybook, not just a website. So they came to us.

The Manifest Solution

We’re thrilled with the end result. The new website gives you a taste of what Wetheral House is all about — a fusion of luxury and style, a versatile space that captivates at every turn.

Each click transports you to a different corner of the property, echoing the experience of exploring the physical spaces.

Working on the Wetheral House project was a real treat. It reminded me of how much I enjoy transforming visions into realities, or in this case, crafting a luxurious digital experience that truly reflects the Wetheral House brand.

Client's Comments