Website Development

MG Industries

MG Industries isn’t your run-of-the-mill company. They’ve been around since 1999, crafting quality metal and plastic components with a finesse that sets them apart.

Their commitment to quality? It’s in their DNA. But their website? Well, it needed a serious tune-up.


Project Brief

MG Industries came to us with a clear-cut mission: to give their website a much-needed revamp. They’re the real deal in their industry, and they needed a website that matched up to their high standards.


Our Task

We rolled up our sleeves and set to work. No marketing fluff, no needless complexities — just a straightforward, well-crafted site that tells their story in the most authentic way.


The Result

We ended up with a website that does justice to the MG Industries name. It showcases their skills, their story, and their commitment to quality front and centre. It stands as a powerful representation of the brand’s innovative spirit, marrying the company’s impressive history with their modern manufacturing approach.


Special thanks to Shelly from Highlands Photography for the amazing photos! You can contact her here: shelly@highlandsphotography.com.au


We’re beyond proud of this one. Partnering with MG Industries allowed us to do what we do best — creating simple, effective, and visually compelling web solutions that cut through the noise.

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