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Highlands Centre For Healing

The Highlands Centre For Healing offers holistic wellbeing for mind, body, and soul through aligning with natural medicine. The aim is to host 2 to 3 retreats per month.

The space will also feature workshops and foster a community that prioritises holistic healing and disconnecting from technology. Using a range of different modalities, the hope is to provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for the guests.

Meet Soo Woods

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Your therapist who actually understands you

Soo has been passionate about helping others for a long time. A trauma-trained and compassionate individual, Soo is empathic, intuitive, grounded, and a Master at holding space for others. She empowers clients to become more aware of their emotions and behavioural patterns.

Project Brief


The Highlands Centre for Healing is an oasis of tranquillity, envisioned as a retreat centre that intertwines healing retreats and workshops, equine therapy, accommodation, and the nourishment of homegrown produce.


The Highlands Centre for Healing was facing a major challenge – their website was underperforming with low traffic and poor search rankings. They weren’t showing up for important keywords. This lack of online visibility was hindering their ability to connect with their target audience.


Our goal was to rejuvenate the Centre’s digital presence, ensuring it mirrors the essence of their healing retreats. Increasing their new website’s visibility and user engagement was paramount to attracting more visitors to their retreats.

How We Worked Our Manifest Magic

SEO optimisation: By optimising content with relevant keywords and enhancing the site structure, we aimed to boost the site’s rankings on search engines.

Content strategy: Our focus was on clear, concise, and compelling messaging that resonates with the audience looking for a holistic retreat experience.

Lead generation: We created a downloadable lead magnet for people to learn more about the corporate & group retreats.

We had a splendid time working with Soo. There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll enjoy her retreats (did we mention there are horses?).

Explore the new Highlands Centre for Healing website.

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Client's Comments

“Jill and her team were fabulous to work with.
Their dedication to their craft is so obvious and their calm and patient support just brilliant.”
– Soo Woods