Chilli Mail
Email marketing made easy

Managing your own campaign is easy.

Follow these simple steps

  1. Define
  2. Format
  3. Recipients
  4. Delivery
  5. Reports


1. Define the campaign and sender

step 1
Choose one of the following
  • Saved draft
  • Create a new campaign
  • Edit and resend

The first time you will need to create a new campaign.
Afterwards, you could use a saved draft, or just keep re-using and resend the same one over and over.

1.1 Defining the details

Each campaign needs the following details

  • Name of Campaign - eg: XYZ Newsletter Vol1 issue 1
  • Subject line - this will appear as the subject of your email
  • From Name - eg: Jo Blog
  • From Email address - usually your email address
  • Reply to Email address - often the same as the from Email address
When you are done, press next next


2. Select the format

Choose from one of your hot templates and press the Next button.

If you are using a draft select the Edit button


2.1 Begin editing your content
edit Edit | Delete | Move
* Where-ever you see these symbols you can control your layout.
Editing is straight forward.
  • Change the font
  • Insert bullets
  • Insert a link
  • Insert an image from your computer


3. Define recipients

Next you need to select who is going to receive your hot looking email

Choose from
  • An existing list
  • Enter email addresses manually

If you select to type them in yourself.

Correct formats:
  • tick John Smith,
  • tick
  • tick, John Smith
To add these email addresses - press Import


4. Schedule delivery

Select from the following

  • Deliver immediately
  • Delay Delivery - enter the date and time that your campaign will be sent

tick Congratulations- your done!


5. Reports

For each Campaign sent, you have access to a suite of reports

Campaign Reports

Summary of campaign results to date.


Recipient Activity
Who opened, clicked, forwarded, etc.


Link Click Activity
Which links were popular, who clicked.


Opens & Clicks Over Time
When did subscribers open and click.


Email Client Usage
Which email clients are they using?


Bounce Summary
Who didn't receive this and why.

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